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    Stars! Strategist

    Download / Install Information

    First, make sure that you download and install the newest Java runtime environment.

    That page should direct you to the right installer and install it for you. Well, it does for windows, i'm not sure what it does on Unix/Linux or OSX.

    I do not have any of those environments to test on, so i don't know how well it works there. I have tested on Win2k and WinXP, both with the Java 1.4.2_03 runtime. Other systems with a similar runtime should also work.

    Windows Install

    For those on Windows, i have a windows installer version that will download the right files and place them in the usual place (c:\program files\strategist). To run the app, double click on the strategist.jar file. If you get prompted about what to do with ".jar" files, then go back up and install the JRE.

    Download Strategist.msi

    In the future, i'll update the installer to put a shortcut on desktop/whatever, but this was just to get stuff out.

    Generic Install

    For everyone else, download this zip, and extract the 2 files. To run, you should be able to double click the .jar file if your operating system allows that, otherwise, you will have to generate a script with this in it:
    javaw -jar strategist.jar

    If you can't handle that, how are you living on some other operating system. You're playing stars somewhere!

    Download strategist-non-windows.zip

    Stars! Copyright (©) 1995-2001 Jeff Johnson & Jeff McBride

    Java and the Java Coffee Cup Logo are trademarks or registered trademarks of Sun Microsystems, Inc. in the U.S. and other countries.