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    Stars! Strategist

    What is Strategist?

    Strategist is a utility app for "Stars!", "The Advanced Intersteller Strategy Game", by Jeff Johnson & Jeff McBride over at Mare Crisium.

    Strategist allows you to import data from every turn and then watch how the universe changes. It also has some simple charting and graphing abilities.

    3/7/04: Beta Version 0.90 Released!

    Beta version 0.90 of Strategist is now available!

    To download and install it, go to the downloads page. I also put up some more images on the screenshots page, including some animated gifs.

    3/2/04: Screenshots Added

    I put up a handful of screenshots up on the screenshots page. I have a lot more i want to do, including a big animated gif that shows the way the "scrubber" at the bottom of most views works.

    Here's one quick shot, though:


    3/1/04: Website Redone

    I did this website once like 3 years ago, but between rebuilding the webserver and a hard drive failure, it is all gone. I'm sure I have a backup somewhere but it was easiest to just make a new one. The current layout and setup looks a lot like my blog, but thats because i just copied the whole directory and then added / removed from it. good old copy and paste!

    Most of the other pages in the jump section to the left do not exist yet, you'll just have to hold your horses.

    If you want a pre-release version of Strategist, i'll give it to you if you give me some data i can use to test! Email me at the link on the left to let me know your interest and i'll send you what i have.

    Stars! Copyright (©) 1995-2001 Jeff Johnson & Jeff McBride

    Java and the Java Coffee Cup Logo are trademarks or registered trademarks of Sun Microsystems, Inc. in the U.S. and other countries.